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Stenderv is a provider of financial products such as credit cards, but you can also turn to Stenderv for a loan. Stenderv is rather independent, because this company is not part of a (large) bank. Most loan providers are. Being independent means that Stenderv (a relatively small organization) does not have to deal with all kinds of supervisory directors and shareholders. The advantage of this is that this company really only needs to care about its customers. And from the regulator of course.

Because although Stenderv is not a bank, this organization is neatly registered with the AFM (Financial Markets Authority) and has all the necessary permits to be able to offer loans (and credit cards). Stenderv does this through an intermediary, or a credit advisor.

So borrowing from Stenderv is safe. That of course does not alter the fact that you have to make a financially sound consideration when you want to take out a loan. Because whether you take out your loan through Stenderv or with another provider, you must repay the loan and you must pay interest. It is therefore necessary that you carefully check in advance whether you can afford a loan. If that is the case, you must then decide what type of loan you want to take out.

Revolving credit and payday loan

Revolving credit and personal loan

Qander At Stenderv you can choose from two types of loans . The revolving credit and the payday loan. With a revolving credit you will have access to a maximum amount that is agreed upon when you take out a loan. However, you will not receive the full amount in one go, but decide for yourself when you withdraw this (or only part of it).

You can then redeem this again at a desired time. In this way some financial room is created again and you can withdraw an amount again next time. As long as you do not exceed the credit limit. The interest with a revolving credit is variable.

A payday loan is a different type of loan than the revolving credit. With a payday loan (which you can also take out through this provider) you receive the money from the loan directly into your account. A payday loan also has a predetermined interest rate that does not change during the term. You pay off the payday loan in a number of installments during a predetermined term.

Credit card via Stenderv

Credit card via Stenderv

Taking out a loan can therefore be done through this company, but what this company is mainly involved with is the issuance of credit cards. Or more precisely: Visa cards. When you apply for a Visa credit card from this company, you will have a fully-fledged Visa card at your disposal including the “Verified by Visa application”, an extra service that makes payments you make online extra protected.

The Visa card of this party has all the options that a regular Visa card also has. This means, among other things, that it is possible to withdraw money via an ATM and you can also transfer money from your card to your own bank account. Would you also like to request a Visa card from Stenderv for your partner, then this is simply possible.

Legal assistance

Legal assistance

The fact that this party is very all-round is demonstrated by the fact that this financial service provider also provides some legal assistance for people who are clients of this company. Specifically, this is because this lender has added the so-called “Legal Helpdesk” to the service offering. For less than 2 euros per month, Stenderv customers receive legal assistance in the event of a conflict. That (hopefully not at issue) conflict may be related to a financial issue, but that is not necessary. Even when, for example, it concerns a neighbor’s dispute or labor dispute, you will receive advice from experienced lawyers and (among other things) unlimited telephone advice via the Legal Helpdesk.

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