Private loan for beauty surgery | Payday Loans

The more you think about it, the more confident you will be that it’s time to take a look at your look and do a comprehensive look at how you look. You start to think about doing some beauty interventions as part of your upgrade. A plan for the upgrade is being formed. You start […]

 Watch out for loans with “attractive” interest rates!

Borrowing money always entails a certain risk, luckily every Dutch person knows that. And that risk is (legally required) also mentioned by the various loan providers. The slogan “Pay attention, borrowing money costs money” has now become quite common. Still, when taking out a loan, it is always important to first delve into your own […]

Low interest: just a little longer and we don’t know any better

  That the return on our savings accounts is negligibly low nowadays will be confirmed by everyone who has a savings account. Most consumers are no longer surprised when they receive a message from their bank that interest rates have again been lowered. Almost all savings accounts currently use an interest rate that falls to […]

New form of BKR registration has consequences for loans

The Credit Registration Office (BKR) has been in the news quite often lately. This is mainly due to the fact that from 1 December new rules with regard to red will be applied to the payment account. That unrest has arisen because of this has consequences for applying for and receiving a mortgage. So for […]

Digitally signing your loan contract is now possible

  Arrange your financial affairs quickly and securely. Those who have something to do with the Tax Authorities use their DigiD for this. For most Dutch people, that has become a completely established method of online identification. However, those who want to arrange financial matters online that have nothing to do with a government institution […]

Revolving credit and payday loan – Choose!

  Stenderv is a provider of financial products such as credit cards, but you can also turn to Stenderv for a loan. Stenderv is rather independent, because this company is not part of a (large) bank. Most loan providers are. Being independent means that Stenderv (a relatively small organization) does not have to deal with […]